Imagine a success sytem that provides weekly learning and action items targeted to the growth of your business. That’s exactly what the DoverDrive Experience Membership program is… it’s your success toolkit.



Tune in as Ammie shares conversations with leading experts in an informative and entertaining streaming series.  Each show shares insight on how guests are kickin’ their life and business into DoverDrive. Learn from the experts.


Together, we’re making an impact with small businesses and struggling non-profit organizations. With your support, we’re hosting training opportunities free of charge in annual summits and group training programs.

How It Educates

doverdrive entrepreneur track

You’ve started a business.  You have a great product.  You even have some clients.  You also have a bit of mess on your hands because you’re quickly becoming more overwhelmed without more revenue coming in.  Something has to give.

Our online success system which features masterclasses, behind the scenes sneak peaks at how others are doing it, actionable assignments, accountability buddies and a connection to a team of business professionals who are dedicated to the success of your business.

If you’re looking to develop a business rhythm designed for success, it’s time to build it into the fabric of your business.

doverdrive growth track

You’re making six or even seven figures in your business (first of all congrats) but now it’s time to really take your business to the next level.  There’s only one little problem, you’re feeling a little stuck. You’ve gone as far as you can go on your own.

Now is the time to invest in creating operational systems designed to streamline processes and maximize efficiencies, with both your systems and your employees.

If what you’re looking for is an agile, efficient and profitable business, it’s time to move out of maintenance mode and develop a new business model focused on rapid growth.

How It Informs

I’ve gathered some friends and industry experts to share their journey in business with you.  Guests share some incredible gems and tips on how to structure both your life and your business for success.

Many business owners structure their day to handle their to do list.
If that’s you – for the love of all that’s holy – stop now!  There is a better way.

My motto and the foundation that I built the entire DoverDrive Experience on is to structure both life and business for growth and success.

You see, we don’t believe that the grind has to be a painful process.  Don’t get me wrong, the grind is still needed.  I actually enjoy the grind.  I happen to love the new customer acquisition process. I love achieving goals.  I love reaching new levels.  I love new collaborations.  I love new projects.  I love the feeling of helping my customers.

We show you how to make the grind work for your entire life goals.

Tune in!

How It Effects Growth in the Community

babI’ve been incredibly fortunate in my career to be invited into hundreds if not thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations.  I’ve seen first hand the struggles of bootstrapping, working with what you’ve got and living on a wing and a prayer.  Many people start businesses and non-profit organizations because they have a passion for serving and have a product or service that will enrich other people’s lives.

What they don’t have is enough foundational knowledge in BUSINESS.  That leads them to struggle and if they’re fortunate, make slow progress.  For those less fortunate, they close the doors without making the impact they set out to make.

I believe in giving back and supporting the community.  Community is built into the fabric of the DoverDrive Experience and we want to share our business building knowledge with as many people as possible.  That’s where you come in.  We love partnering with people and established businesses who know the value of community impact.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur (individual) or a large corporation, we’ve developed monthly insider programs that specifically meet the needs of your business, based on its size.