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New Season Begins Spring of 2021

doverdrive experience live tuesdays @ noon

Welcome to the DoverDrive Experience.  Host and business strategist, Ammie Dover, interviews industry experts and community leaders to share tips and stories to help people kick their lives and businesses into DoverDrive.

Guests not only share their unique stories but reinforce their expertise by sharing tips that others can implement into their lives and businesses.

The show is a dynamic combination of being both educational and entertaining.

2020 Season Episodes

I’m so fortunate to be able to bring business building tools and resources to people.  I love talking with guests about how viewers can kick their life and business into DoverDrive.  I couldn’t do this without our guests!

Do you have a unique perspective or story to share with viewers that will help them kick their life and/or business into DoverDrive?  If so, let’s talk.

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