Why Become A Guest?

Collective Reach

Reach is calculated as a culmination of Ammie’s, the reach of each guest, the reach of the network who is producing the video series, the reach of our insiders and brand ambassadors who share our content. The average social reach is well over 10,000 people and climbing. Reach will increase exponentially as more shows are produced and more guests share their appearance with their respective networks.

Guest Mentions

  • BEFORE promotion begins one week before air date. 
  • DURING  broadcast is streamed simultaneously on multiple digital platforms.
  • AFTER content is broken up into 3-5 short clips to be shared as individual content

Why Collaborate

Trying to reach this many people alone is WAY too expensive.
Solo = Slow

We’re giving you an opportunity to not only reach Ammie’s audience but the audiences of 

The Speyre Network
Our Insiders
Our Brand Ambassadors
Our Guests

Being a guest is more than just views

Because I partnered with a digital media production company, their big focus is about driving traffic to your business not just getting you views.  Views alone do not produce results.  Our program is about getting you the engagement and leads you need to grow your business.

leads & engagement

How do we accomplish what others don’t?  Well, first this isn’t traditional media.  We looked at EVERYTHING you need digitally to maximize your guest experience and exposure. 

Social – Landing Page – Leads

Your Video Promoted on Our Social Media!


Landing Page with Giveaway/Contest

You get a dedicated landing page for your appearance on the show!  WHAT?!  Dedicated Marketing???  Yes!  I was serious when I said they are serious about getting you leads.  The landing pages are designed complete with a video and a giveaway/contest. Viewers want free stuff and we want ways to build relationships with potential customers.

Our giveaway/contests can only be entered by:

  • Submitting EMAILS :: great for building strong marketing campaigns
  • Social Sharing :: visitors are incentivized to share the giveaway to earn entries
  • Viral Growth :: bonus entries if they refer-a-friend or share your giveaway on social media

Leads and engagement

  • Seamless Marketing Integrations to Help You Get More Email Subscribers!
  • Built-in Viral Sharing to Grow Your Website Traffic without Buying Any Ads!
  • Verified Bonus Actions to Help You Get More Social Media Followers and Real Engagement

what would this kind of exposure mean for you?

What would an extra 10,000+ pair of eyes on your brand do for your company?

What if you had a system in place to convert even 10% of the audience?

What would that do to for your revenue goals?

How long would it take you to reach this many new people on your own?

How much would this kind of reach cost you in social media ads?

Be a guest and share your expertise

with over 10,000 new potential customers today!

Top 7 Reasons to be a Guest

  • Gain New Followers
  • Grow Your Email Campaigns
  • Gain New Subscribers to Your Social Media/Podcast/YouTube Channel

  • Generate Leads for your business

  • Have access to a reuseable video to re-inforce your expertise

  • Get 3-5 video clips that you can use in a marketing campaign without having to pay for video production

  • It’s a FUN, non-salesy way to connect with your audience & grow your following, revenue, and business

We know that in these uncertain times, you need to reach new customers in new ways.

Traditional prospecting is on hold. Ramping up a full marketing campaign of this magnetitude is costly and takes time to build momentum.

By becoming a guest of the DoverDrive Experience, you get a built in audience than just marketing yourself.

The Benefits of Being a Guest

As a guest you Get the following:

  • Over 50+ Social Media Mentions on several platforms
  • A Boosted Giveaway to encourage engagement and shares
  • A landing page to direct media traffic and increase lead generation
  • Video announcement for the event
  • Video Clips created for post guest appearance digital promotion
  • Your Information

    Tell us a bit about how you specifically serve businesses.
  • Media

    Please provide links to other media interviews. Also, please provide a link to access your media kit or attach it with this submission. Media kit must include a current headshot and a .jpg or .png version of your logo with a transparent background.
  • Social Media

    In our efforts to ensure that we are establishing a true partnership, we require that all guests have a minimum combined social media follower/fan count of at least 6,000. List social count below.
  • Contact Information